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Written and recorded in an apartment in Amsterdam in 2008.

Written by Evan Phillips


The sun will rise again, over the trees in Lexington.
A place to leave my troubled world behind.
Singing with my friends, I made all my amends,
but the hardest ones to make were with my own life.
Well the Colorado took the tears I cried
And the Mississippi helped me ease my mind.
No time for regretting races run
Said I can't wait to be in Lexington.
Well I held the gold in my hand for sometime
Then I threw it all away for nickels and dimes.
I laid down all my cards, then I had the ground so hard
Left there with the scars of a thousand miles
And the Ohio tried to wash my sins away
And the Missouri steered my course to better days
I miss all the laughter and the fun
Said I can't wait to be in Lexington.
Lexington, your pretty smile and your summer hair, and your steel blue eyes.
Sweet southern voice singing lullabies in my heart and in my mind.
This song is for the ones I love the most. To the one's who follow dreams instead of ghosts. You got hell to pay tonight, i'm gonna catch that train alright, gonna take to the river in the morning light.
And the water's gonna carry me to you, we can go along just doing what we do.
We'll sit on your front porch singing songs, said I can't wait to be in Lexington.


from Overseas (2008), released July 17, 2014


tags: folk indie


all rights reserved


Easton Stagger Phillips

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